Welcome to isBreathing.com!

Our current project is as a “father/daughter team” on a North American “walk about” experiencing that, indeed, the world .isBreathing.

Our goal is to have fun and explore the North American continent looking for the most interesting and intriguing people, places and socially relevant projects happening today. Specifically we are focusing on sustainability, permaculture, ecology, green technology and community building.

As we explore and discover that, indeed, the world .isBreathing, and that community .isBreathing much better than we think.

We want to come visit YOU! We want YOU to show us how your life .isBreathing and what is happening in your part of the world. Get your projects and ideas seen and shared and show the world YOUR breath. Our goal is to connect with people and to see through their eyes how the world .isBreathing.

We promise to be good!
Won't sell it, won't spam it.
Every Sunday evening @ 5:00PM (PST)
come back to isBreathing.com
for a video stream to see
our newest adventures and
maybe get to CHAT LIVE with
~Ed & Wrenna from the road!