~Ed and Wrenna created .isBreathing from dualing perspectives. As father and daughter we don’t always agree on everything, and sometimes it appears we agree on nothing, but the truth is that our perspectives lend us wisdom and power when they are acknowledged and appreciated.

Wrenna Keller
Just graduated high school
Anxious to see whats “out there
Is prone to severe mood swings
Listens to the rhythm of life & dances to it
Was always late to class
Is a gypsy at heart
Thinks her dad is the Best Dad Ever
Ed Keller
Teetering on a midlife crisis
Afraid of whats “in there
Hasn’t felt anything in years
Tone deaf and flails about embarrassingly
Has attended to many self-help Seminars
Is a gypsy at heart
Thinks his daughter is the coolest on Earth

As the exploration has begun we are discovering that when we share the differences in our perspectives, we are often lead to a deeper understanding and richer experience of how our relationship .isBreathing.